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Fans are designed to work in locations such as dairy cow, poultry, greenhouse, warehouses, factories and large auditoriums. Whether it is hot, humid, dusty air or oily fumes our fans can provide you efficient ventilation and a quiet comfortable environment in all seasons.


側吹式工業大吊扇 - Side Wind Ventilation System

乳牛福利牧場、牛舍有效通風解決方案 - 側吹式工業大吊扇

只要是有屋頂的"場" 或 "廠"。


我廠產品:八葉側吹式工業大吊扇 -


真正超安靜、真正高效率、真正綿密送風 - 符合動物福利友善要求標準,這絕對不是在呼口號,而是我們真正能做到!

Side Wind Ventilaton System
Our big ceiling fan is able to help to circulate air and eliminate "dead spots" throughout the free stall barn and automatic milking parlor.
Four Seasons of Fresh Air for Your Dairy Barn.

High Precision CNC Machining - 風扇部件高端CNC精密製程

Factory ventilation - 工業通風應用範例

Creative applications - 創意應用範例

Agricultural ventilation & Farm fans - 農業、畜牧 通風應用範例