BEST FAN INC. Strives to provide highest quality ventilation products, complete services and continued improvement in product research and development.

We have the best R & D team and adopted the best technologies available in the world to make our products perfect. We have earned several national patents, domestic and international recognition.

We work with customers to design ventilation solutions to manufacture products according to customers' demands.

堅持以領先業界的先進技術,不斷創新研發提供客戶最高品質產品,是 風動世界有限公司 開業多年來一直不變的經營理念。




直驅式負壓扇 - 排風效率持續不間斷,永免更換皮帶、軸座...等。

註:我廠八葉鋁合金螺旋槳,可承受壓差阻抗強度 以及 耐高溫耐高濕程度,並不亞於市售六葉不鏽鋼螺旋槳。

50" Direct Drive Centrifugal Shutter Type Exhaust Fan - Aluminum alloy blade

The direct drive motor is a maintenance-free solution for the ventilation system, as there is no longer need to verify the integrity of the transmission components : pillow block, pulley, belt...etc.

Advanced technology, High performance, Robust design, Low maintenance and extended life.

We serve the agriculture, horticulture, industrial, commercial markets.

50英吋直驅離心式不鏽鋼螺旋槳降溫風扇, 負壓風扇 - 符合農糧署溫網室設施型農業計畫補助


》運作平穩順暢 - 沒有恰恰恰的聲音。




※ 欲更換我們的直驅式傳動系統,也歡迎洽詢:正港台灣造機技術本位 - 風動世界有限公司。

50" Direct Drive Centrifugal Shutter Type Exhaust Fan - Stainless steel blade

Greenhouse/Poultry farm/Industry ventilation exhaust fan.

DC直流變頻負壓風扇 - 符合肉(種)雞場設置自動省工設備補助-養雞場雞舍通風


八葉鋁合金螺旋槳 ( 經陽極處理 ) - 超低噪音、排風量大{百葉窗不眨眼}

50 inch Dricet Drive Fiberglass Exhaust Fan - BLDC Motor

Model : C58DC-8AD is a high-performance fiberglass fan for Poultry House, Swine Barn, Industry Factory that offers a combination of high capacity, high pressure and efficiency with 45% lower energy consumption at equivalent flow rates.

各廠牌50"負壓風扇螺旋槳風量測試 ( 紀錄片 )


各家50"負壓扇螺旋槳在同等馬力 與 同樣轉速 以及 同等距離的情況下,進行風量、風長、風寬測試,運作效率良窳一測即知!

50" Ventilation Fans Air Flow Testing ( Documentary )

All professionals and experts are invited to view and examine the above video clips.

Air volume, wind length and wind width are tested at the same horsepower, speed and distance.High efficiency from BEST FAN INC. with 8 propellers and normal quality from other design with 7,6 and 3 propeller are easy to see!

5-Axis milling for the components in our production - CNC五軸精密加工風扇零部件